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The version of SAP varies across all organizations. The versions being – SAP ECC 4.6, 4.7, 5 and the latest SAP ECC 6.0. Wyzibility Consulting provides up-gradation services across all these versions of SAP. SAP periodically releases Enhancement Packages (EHPs) for SAPERP 6.0, introducing functional enhancements, UI simplifications, and enterprise service bundles in the form of Business Functions. Also, Business Requirements demand a constant change in scenarios. Companies Merge, Move, De-merge, or implement new Hardware Platforms, change Database Technologies, etc. As a certified SAP SERVICES PARTNER, we access and make the most pragmatic use of SAP’s standard tools and templates, thus maximizing business continuity while simultaneously minimizing operational risks. Enhancement packages deliver new functionality which can be activated selectively via business functions. Other Migrations ensure that companies move seamlessly from one business environment to another.

Details of Offering

  • SAP Technical Upgrade is a periodic project that is implemented across companies to upgrade their SAP system to the latest released version.
  • Companies need to maintain a technological infrastructure that can support the technological and business changes.

Our SAP Upgrade & Migration offering includes the following services:

  • SAP Upgrade
  • Database Upgrade & Migration
  • OS Upgrade & Migration
  • Cross platform Migration
  • Basic landscape management
  • Mergers and De-mergers
  • Landscape splits