The idea behind Wyzibility Consulting has been to offer a state of the art IT / ERP products to various identified industries such as Health, Urbanization , Emergency / Disaster management and Higher Education using an established back end engine such as SAP. Superiority and ROI (Return on Investment) potential of SAP and its high implementation and maintenance costs have given rise to new range of services known as per-configured IT/ERP solutions.

The team has experience in developing few industry specific pre-configured IT solutions in the areas of Life sciences, Retail, AFS, Engineering and Food. These solutions were successfully deployed across 150 customers around the world during 2007-2011. Based on the past success of these pre-configured industry specific SAP solutions, Wyzibility ventured into new future growing industry vertical segments – Health, Urbanization, Emergency / Disaster management and Higher Education and is now ready to deploy the first per-configured industry specific SAP solution in “health sector”. The other two industry specific SAP solutions – Urbanization and Higher education are under development and will be released shortly. Besides these new solutions, the company will be offering already developed per-configured industry specific

SAP solutions in Life sciences, Mill (Steel), Retail and Food.