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As AI enters mainstream business operations, executives will need to accept new responsibilities. The potential power of machine intelligence means companies need a governance structure that creates trust in AI applications. Businesses that successfully combine the right strategy with an ethical approach for ‘responsible AI’ will create a clear competitive advantage.

Today, most incumbent organizations across industries are grappling with the risks of digital disruption on one hand, even as they reach for its opportunities on the other. Most are responding by committing to the idea of digital transformation. Intelligent automation has become a game-changer. It has already established itself firmly as the most effective paths to organizational agility and efficiency. Smart organizations are now conscious of the urgency in deploying intelligent automation. They know it can improve the use of their IT assets, help meet organizational strategies, deliver cost reduction goals, enable the adoption of new technologies and transform customer experience.
We use it aggressively to deliver our services to customers and also to improve our own productivity. It dictates everything, from development to transition and from testing to run processes


Advanced artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning holds the potential to create immense value for businesses by enabling them to solve critical problems — provided they deploy the right thinking, tools, and frameworks.

Machine learning offers potential value to companies trying to leverage big data and helps them better understand subtle changes in behavior, preferences or customer satisfaction. Business leaders are beginning to appreciate that many things happening within their organizations and industries can’t be understood through a query.

How it all comes together

The advantage of machine learning is that it is possible to leverage algorithms and models to predict outcomes. The trick is to ensure that the data scientists doing the work are using the right algorithms, ingesting the most appropriate data (that is accurate and clean) and using the best performing models. If all these elements come together it’s possible to continuously train the model and learn from the outcomes by learning from the data. The automation of this process of modeling, training the model and testing leads to accurate predictions to support business change.