Blockchain, as you may know, is best known for one of its application ‘Bitcoin’. The immense success of Bitcoin rests on key pillars of Blockchain, which are:

  • Immutability of Records
  • Distributed Multi-Ledger
  • Trust which is not dependent on any stakeholder but is based on system verification

Our Blockchain offers end-to-end Distribution Management Solution covering:

  • Distributor and Retailer Reconciliations: Provides insights in Distributors and Retailer transactions like Demand, Sale, Returns and Recovery.
  • Track n Trace: Provides visibility in supply chain from production to shipping to logistics
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: Puts you, your nth Vendor and your nth Customer, all on the same system allowing seamless flow of information for tracking and planning purposes.

Specifically developed for the Distribution network, our affordable solution  helps view major transactions of the business like Delivery, Collections, Goods returns, Cash-flow management, employee performance management for the Distribution partners and Secondary Sales visibility, Goods returns, Service & Warranty for the Manufacturers in real-time at the click of a button, there is a single source of truth, i.e., the data is trustworthy and immutable