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Organizations are investing significant amounts in:

  • large scale ERP systems,
  • building standardization in the way SAP is
  • being used in their global organizations through transformation projects
  • Migrating from legacy systems onto single instances of SAP.

Large investments in strategic projects mean greater necessity to validate and ensure the right return is achieved from their investments. From the process end user to the executive team, every employee has a potential impact on the SAP investment. Enabling staff to use SAP is critical to achieving value from ERP systems.

  • Workforce enabled with SAP Fundamentals
  • Provide SAP flexible modular training focused on improving utilization metrics in selected entities
  • Embed a community of ‘SAP Champions’ throughout the company
  • Establish SAP training capabilities
  • Develop approach for a sustainable SAP Academy
  • Launch global SAP portal as a central repository for the SAP Academy tools and resources
  • A self-help culture where users take responsibility for their own learning

Our Value Addition


  • A team consisting client training and SAP specialists working together for a customized training solution based on the client requirement
  • Deep SAP expertise in security, business processes, controls & GRC technologies
  • Significant leverage material and accelerators to speed up the learning process and ensure sustainable knowledge development
  • Significant experience in short term and long term training solutions at large Global organizations

Key Benefits

  • Improved usage and capability in SAP across all business users
  • End users with an understanding of fundamental SAP knowledge and strong key process skills
  • Streamlined and effective audit approaches
  • Training needs and audience focused SAP learning solutions
  • Greater knowledge retention, sharing and transfer of SAP capabilities

Training Analysis

Critical to developing the right SAP training solution for your business is identifying the training needs. The following are typical activities during a training needs analysis for an SAP learning and development solution:

  • Utilization assessment
  • Process owner workshops
  • Key stakeholder interviews and focus groups
  • Skills gap analysis

Training Strategy

A Training Strategy is developed to ensure that the training solution being applied is the best fit for purpose and provides the right fit to the organization’s future learning strategy. A strategy outlines the key phases of the program development, identifying dependencies, deliverables, critical path questions and a point of view on training solutions.

Design and Development of Training

  • SAP Fundamentals
  • SAP Process Integration
  • SAP Tips (Navigation and Reporting)
  • SAP Risks and Controls
  • Business Processes
  • Super User Training

Training Deliverables

  • Training Presentations
  • Exercises
  • References
  • Technology Solutions