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HANA’s in- memory columnar approach dramatically increases speed because processors do not need to spin their wheels looking for actual row-based business data amid all the extra data padding, such as aggregation and indexes that can account for up to 95% of all an organization’s data. HANA reduces and stores all this padding in memory, which can reduce an organization’s data footprint by that same 95%.

HANA is also a powerful platform that easily integrates third party applications and data from other sources, such as social media and sensor readings, from the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT).  In today’s SAP environment, as much as 60% of applications supported by HANA are third party

SAP proposes that HANA has advantages in performance versus all other databases with a database that runs 100,000 times faster than any other

Our Migration services include:

  • Extensive experience with SoH / S/4HANA migrations
  • Proven partner to help you plan the journey and migration roadmap
  • Industrialized migration approach
  • Industry expertise baked into the solution so the migration is “business ready”
  • End-to-end support throughout the migration process
  • Diverse system migrations
  • Certified BASIS SME suggestions related to hardware, architecture and design
  • Strong partnership with SAP for deployment of SoH / S/4HANA Solution
  • Post-migration optimization