Today more and more manufacturing companies are looking to transform their operations and unleash new waves of innovation through “Go Digital” drive. Adoption of digital manufacturing allows companies to leverage the power of digital technologies and reshape the manufacturing landscape. The use of digital platforms increase collaboration and provide insights across the product lifecycle, engineering and the entire manufacturing value chain.

SAP’s digital manufacturing links physical world to digital world by building enterprise wide integrated and intelligent eco-system between the machines, products, people, and suppliers that drive rich customer value through reduced time-to-market, optimized business processes, product innovation, end-to-end industrial efficiency and enhanced customer service resulting into improved profitability and competitive agility.

Manufacturing on Transition Track to Digital Platform with S/4HANA

SAP S/4 HANA helps the manufacturing industries by providing a set of solutions that caters to the changing new-normal needs especially in current scenario. Capability to address real-time needs often lead to inefficient, inaccurate, and legacy planning. With the deployment of our solution on S/4 HANA, enables the business to get a view of Real-time scenario of shop floor controls linked to business transactions, inventory management and materials movements which promotes transparency across all levels on material flow and operation cost.

Today we are inundated with data to the point that the volume of raw data is too massive and too complex to manage.  All manufacturers are experiencing pressure to increase data collection, quickly analyze the data and make business decisions that streamline operations and improve the company’s operating margins which is a scenario especially in Discrete manufacturing process. ARTEMIS has pre-defined templates and designed key controls at source in various business transactions covering from procure to pay, plan to produce and order to cash business processes with features to monitor the KPI’s and drive the business to achieve the set goals.


Integrated data analytics system for measurement and control in combination with real-time business context for:

  • Analysing standardized key performance indicators (KPI) to assess performance across locations
  • Performing root cause analysis at any level – global, plant or individual work centre to assess for systematic failures
  • Defining your dashboards or adapt KPIs and thresholds to customize the solution for your entire organization
  • Utilizing harmonized data which was acquired from disparate sources including non-SAP sources
  • Build your own KPI with your individual math and operationalization of machine learning for quality defects detection.

Sales and Marketing

S/4 Hana  SD module LoB is a solution for many companies  looking to develop, catalogue and analyze their sales and distribution system through SAP’s extremely detailed analysis tools.

The key features in this upgraded version addresses credit management using SAP FSCM module, revamped Rebate system, advanced ATP (Available to Promise)  checks , thereby resulting in the system overall sped up through more economical use of processing resources.


Utilizing SAP S/4HANA Sourcing & Procurement, organizations can align the Procure to pay business process in a future-oriented, flexible and strategic manner.

Further, the SAP Materials Management Module have been supplemented by a modern user interface with numerous SAP Fiori apps. Our Solution with the key components of Supply chain activities encompasses Central Procurement, Operation Procurement, Invoice Management, Procurement Analytics, Contract management and Supplier management with pre-defined controls in the user transactions.

Finance, Accounting and Controlling

As a part of Finance Innovation, SAP S/4 HANA addresses IRFS reporting requirement including Universal Journal, provision for 3rd currency in Controlling and cost of goods manufactured, GL document split feature in accounting, enhanced Asset management process, and mandatory activation of Material ledger to name a few key features. SAP S/4HANA Finance is natively built on SAP’s in memory platform allowing organizations to move from lengthy batch-oriented processes to real-time processes.

Intelligent technologies

From going digital to becoming digital, companies are now actively looking to bridge integration gaps within their business processes, involving all the stake holders– including their suppliers, distributors, partners, right up to the customers. This is realized through value added technologies such as RPA (robotic process automation), Integrated AI & ML modules and Blockchain solutions for orchestrating the entire digital workforce through integrated solutions implemented on top SAP platform and solutions.

These niche technologies provide much required flexibility to start at any point in the value chain, from product design & engineering to production planning, finance, supply-chain, sales and customer services, and expand the digitalization process step by step across the enterprise.

Our unique value proposition to this similar customer

Our unique set of “industry specific solutions” provide deep expertise in consulting, technology and implementation services, combined with extensive industry experience and flexible yet partnership driven business models to deliver the promised value of digital investments for our every customer.